Example Case: Improved collaboration with Kanban


Worked in a team responsible for a system central to the business. The system was a standard system with adaptations for us. The team had to handle both daily support, planning for and ordering changes to the system and workflows (often due to different business initiatives), testing of new releases and installation into production. We were in need of better ways to handle different requests and better flow.

The work:

Introduced Kanban to the team, started with applying it to existing workflows (development/release management and daily support) and then continued to evolve the workflows and ways of working within the team and with the business. Started to categorize work items by Classes of Services. In addition to that, we had daily standups and recurring retrospectives.


This resulted in less stress and more collaboration. Instead of being a group of people working separately we became a team working together. It also made it easier for us to prioritise the work. It became visible what we worked on and we knew why we should chose one work item before another.