Developing products, services and ways of working. Helping organisations and individuals to improve and grow in a sustainable way. Creating change with business agility.



Creating change with lightweight project management methods, e.g. implementation of a new system including adapted processes/value streams and new way of working.

* Interim Product Owner/Manager
* Coaching in product management

From strategies to everyday work – what would you like to achieve?


Leading with Outcomes Workshops (Agendashift)

Leading with Outcomes from Agendashift Academy is a training programme where you learn how to develop strategy as a participatory process and how to lead with an outcome-oriented approach. Based on the Leading with Outcomes curriculum, there are several workshops that you can conduct in your own workplace:

* Agendashift Discovery workshops
* Agendashift Assessment Debrief Workshops
* Agendashift Outside-in Strategy Review workshops 

Each workshop can be customised to your needs. Contact us if you are interested in having a workshop.

For more information about Leading with Outcomes, see

Visualise your work and improve flow

A workshop where we are using Kanban to visualise your work and to improve your flow of value, adjusted to your specific context.

Depending on if you are new to Kanban, or if you have already started to visualize your work and are applying some of the Kanban principles and practices and want to improve it further, we design the workshop in different ways. We also take into account the actual scope and scale that you are working within (team, team of teams etc).

The sessions can be held in English or Swedish.


Mapprend values learning, collaboration and flow. We believe that by focusing on outcomes, working together, sharing experiences, using different methods and at the same time being open to adaptations of them, we create good working environments and great results.