Agendashift™- the wholehearted outcome-oriented engagement model

What is Agendashift?

Agendashift is a model (or framework) for modern organisational development. It has its roots in lean-agile and several other models/methods, for example design thinking. Agendashift is based on a number of principles with focus on outcomes and meeting needs. With Agendashift, you work with improvements and learning within the organisation continuously, together. Because of this participatory approach, Agendashift is called an engagement model.

Core activities

Agendashift consists of five core activities, or steps, for transformational strategic change. There are different workshops to help with the activities in each step.

1. Discovery: What would we like to happen? Where would we like to get to? By participatory workshops we identify needs and desired outcomes.
2. Exploration: Identifying opportunities for change, exploring outcomes further
3. Mapping: Visualising plans and priorities, understanding the relationships between outcomes
4. Elaboration: Idea generation, framing options as hypotheses and developing them as experiments
5. Operation: The infrastructure of organisation design needed to sustain change


Agendashift is based on five principles:

1. Start – and finish – with needs
2. Agree on outcomes
3. Keep the agenda for change visible
4. Manage options, testing assumptions
5. Organise for leverage and learning

More information and resources

Agendashift is founded by Mike Burrows, Positive Incline Ltd, who has also written a book about the model (2nd edition released in 2021). You can find more information and material about Agendashift on the website There is also a partner network that Mapprend is part of that could help you getting started with participatory, outcome-oriented change and learning.