Books: 7 rules for positive, productive change by Esther Derby

How do you create change that is sustainable and people feel included? And what does that actually mean? What should you think about when working with change? These are things that interest me and to broaden my perspective I try to read books and articles, listen to podcasts, watch videos etc related to the topic.

One book that I am currently reading is ‘7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change’ by Esther Derby. The rules, or heuristics, are:

1. Strive for Congruence
2. Honor the Past, Present, and People
3. Assess What Is
4. Attend to Networks
5. Experiment
6. Guide, and Allow for Variation
7. Use Your Self

I also listened to her presentation at a meetup organised by The Future of Work in Scotland. The presentation gives you a good overview of the rules. Here is the link: